Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Origins of Earth

Billions of years ago, in the folds of pangea
Mama said lovers are like limestone
-one move and they will crash.

So I fear your palms
into mine like boats
my own fingers grow warm, river
waves seethe in the tips
your hand slides under worn
worn thighs

little did I know
my breath against pueblo kneck
caused sinewy curve

I'll take you to zion

but realize brutish beauty
was to my side all along:
sedimentary chest molds as
rain drop tips the end
you dissolve slowly

into me
river sway, pebbles afloat to aquatic
floor, tucking
waxing-waning. Winds coo
against your walls
I carve you
until creek and chisel

but earth shifts beneath feet
my brackish waters fall
into tierras womb
you, across the ocean
stone crevices yearning damp skin

you crumble into yourself.

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