Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Neo-Liberalism.

Señorita Mexico

land not of the free

or the brave

Mexico lugar of the

Chingadas, the violated

what will you do today?

I see you watching the ends of your skirt

to your blankita sister


Four syllables

they role off the tongue

like flames, leave you wanting more

light that can be cupped in your palms

cast that earth away, this

is not the time for story of creation

but emulation.

Papa says we can do anything.


she will make you a new niña.

I saw you in Acapulco

powdered up in the 60’s

like a caramela Marylyn Monroe

squeezed into a lemon Meringue skirt

Acapulco, look here comes the sun
Acapulco, it's a day for fun
I can't wait till I meet your sweet senoritas
Kiss everyone
This is no time for siesta, this is time for fun

Mexico I thought you were your sister

pardon my hands running against your cotton skin

not satin like Ameeri

but I couldn’t resist


I hope you know how to write.

In that case, sign your name on the dotted line

X ____Mexico__________

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